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April 15, 2005

No. 05-006

Mokie Porter

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VVA President Corey to Congress:
Act Now to Insure Health Care Funding

(Washington, D.C.) – Funding for veterans’ health care has “failed to keep pace not only with medical inflation but with the increased demand for services by veterans,” Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) President Thomas H. Corey told a joint session of the House and Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committees.  Corey called for “a free, open, and intense debate and dialogue” on the budget and the attempt by some in Congress to bar “certain” veterans to accessing that care.   

“If it is the will of the American people to constrict the benefits to which veterans are statutorily eligible, then VVA challenges the Congress here and now:  Propose, introduce, hold public hearings and debate whether America wants to limit access for ‘certain’ veterans who are now deemed unworthy to receive VA health care,” Corey said. 

Providing funds that are “sufficient and sustainable” to care for veterans “must be considered part of the continuing cost of the national defense,” the VVA President said.  “We believe that caring for veterans is not a Democratic cause.  It is not a Republican effort.  It is an American issue, one that cuts across all party affiliations.”   

On Saturday, April 30, VVA will hold a “Leave No Veteran Behind” rally that will focus on the need for Congress to craft “a mechanism that will insure, in every budget cycle, a sufficient, sustainable funding stream to enable the VA to properly care for the veterans who depend upon it to meet their health care needs,” Corey said. For more information on the rally, go to

Corey also called on Congress to pass legislation that would grant Gold Star mothers an annuity, and asked that legislators to enact into law the bill introduced this week by Congressman Lane Evans, Ranking Member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, that would recognize and deal with the human toll taken by post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health disorders. 

“Rather than cut back and give less,” Corey said, “it is time to do more.  We call on Congress to take the first steps toward crafting a real national plan to meet the needs of the men and women serving in the military.”  Corey called for “a convocation of public officials, veterans’ organizations, recent returnees, and leaders from the private sector to fashion a comprehensive, coordinated plan akin to what America did for World War II veterans.”


Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is the nation's only congressionally chartered veterans service organization dedicated to the needs of Vietnam-era veterans and their families.  VVA's founding principle is “Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”

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