Press Release

July 21, 2003

No. 03-26

Mokie Porter

(301) 585-4000 Ext.146




(Washington, D.C.) – Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) today released a White Paper on health care funding for veterans.  This report spells out the need for the institution of obligatory, or assured, funding for medical operations of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) based on the per capita use of the veterans health care system at the 1996 level of funding, indexed for medical inflation.   

“This White Paper makes a compelling case for this reform.  It also focuses on the immediate need for an appropriation of $28.5 billion for VA medical operations in FY 2004, if the VA is to serve all eligible veterans who seek its services,” said Thomas H. Corey, VVA National President.  

“It is our hope that members of Congress will give thoughtful consideration to the points made in this White Paper and work actively for the reforms it advocates.  At a time when a new generation of veterans is being born in the deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq, it is the duty of Congress to do the right thing for them and for those who have gone before them,” Corey said.   

“There is a fast-growing credibility gap for public officials who claim there is sufficient money for properly operating the VA medical care system in the face of overwhelming evidence that this is not true. It is time to act. Veterans need restoration of the $1.8 billion as passed by House Budget Resolution 95 and stripped out of the VA FY04 budget previously passed by the House Appropriations Committee or the bill must be defeated,” said Corey. 

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An electronic copy of the White Paper is available at  To obtain a bound copy of the White Paper, contact the Office of Government Relations at Vietnam Veterans of America either by calling (301) 585-4000 or by sending an e-mail to 


Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is the nation's only congressionally chartered veterans service organization dedicated to the needs of Vietnam-era veterans and their families.  VVA's founding principle is “Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”

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