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Washington, D.C. (May 31, 1996) -- Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., received yesterday a copy of a memorandum to the Department of State signed by President Clinton in compliance with section 609 of the Fiscal Year Omnibus Appropriations Act (PL 104-134), stating that Vietnam "is cooperating in full faith with the United States" in four key areas agreed upon as critical to resolving the POW/MIA issue. This statement allows the Department of State to fund an embassy in Vietnam, and allows the President to appoint an ambassador to Vietnam. In the memo, Clinton pledged to continue efforts to resolve the POW/MIA issue.

VVA's 1995 national convention adopted a resolution (PM-11-95), which concludes, "VVA opposes funding for a U.S. embassy and appointment of an ambassador to Vietnam until fullest possible accounting has been achieved." Nothing in the action taken by the President satisfies this resolution. The fact remains we have not obtained the fullest possible accounting of our POW/MIAs. We strongly support Section 609.


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